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If your home has areas that are unevenly heated or cooled, a motorized zone damper system may be the solution to your comfort problems. A zone damper system may be added to your existing furnace and air conditioner, or to a new system. If you install a zone damper system on your existing equipment, it can later be reused with a new system.

Operational zoning system in our showroomWhen should zoning be used?

Any time there is a significant variance in the heating and cooling loads in two or more areas of a home served by a single furnace and air conditioner, there is a need for zoning.

Zoning can be the perfect solution for:

  • Two-story or tri-level house with one system
  • Finished basement areas
  • Sunrooms
  • Bonus rooms over unheated spaces

How does zoning work?

Multiple room thermostats are installed where needed. These thermostats connect to a zone control panel and to motorized dampers mounted in supply air ducts. The zone thermostats turn on the furnace or air conditioner to deliver warm or cool air to their zones. The motorized dampers in the ducts serving the zone(s) not requiring conditioned air close down to their minimum position, thus increasing air flow to the zone needing conditioned air. You get multi-zone comfort from one system.

Is a zoned system economical to operate?

Yes. Since all zones in your home seldom need heating or cooling simultaneously, the zone damper system sends conditioned air only to the zones where it is needed. Run-time of equipment is reduced. Energy bills come down. Greater comfort and lower bills–that’s a terrific combination!