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Trane Home Comfort Products

Knight Air Conditioning and Heating Company proudly offers the complete line of Trane Home Comfort Products. From the XR14 air conditioners, heat pumps and XR80 gas furnaces to the ultra high efficiency XV20i variable speed compressor units, XC80 two stage heat furnaces and XC95m gas furnaces with modulating heat.   Our Comfort Consultant will visit your home and recommend the properly sized Trane system for your home and family’s needs.

If you are replacing an old system you could realize up to a 50% reduction in operating costs.  The older your system, the greater the savings will be.  A new high efficiency system will pay for itself in a few years and offers a very attractive return on investment.

Trane XV20i

Trane XV20i

Trane XC95

Trane XC95

Innovative products such as XV20i TruComfort System may offer the perfect solution for your indoor comfort needs.  This innovative system utilizes a variable speed compressor matched with an indoor variable speed XC95m or XC80 furnace or variable speed air handler to achieve cooling efficiencies of up to 21.00 SEER. The compressor in the system operates between 30% capacity and 100% capacity. Most hours of the cooling system the compressor will operate at much less than full capacity, providing even temperatures, super humidity control, and very low energy consumption.

TruComfort is the perfect weapon to fight Georgia’s brutal humidity.  Four times more moisture removal than conventional systems

Many Georgians turn their thermostat down to a lower than normal setting during mild, humid, outdoor conditions to force their air conditioner to run. The air feels “sticky” because of the moisture content. Under these conditions the human body is actually craving drier air rather than colder air.

Trane XL950 wall controllerTruComfort addresses this need by controlling the speed of the indoor blower and outdoor compressor to provide precise temperature and humidity control.  Temperature and Humidity setpoints and profiles set on the XL950 wall controller will always keep your home in a comfortable temperature /relative humidity ratio.  The XL950 controller has Wi-Fi capability so you can make changes to your temperatures and programs with your smart phone, tablet, or computer while on the go.

“The Sound of Silence”

You will be impressed at the quietness of the variable speed indoor blower motor used in the TruComfort system furnaces and air handlers. Gone is the familiar “thunking” sound you probably have heard when your old furnace blower starts up. The Trane variable speed blower starts silently with a “soft start”. The blower gradually begins to turn until it reaches the selected air flow that matches your home’s comfort requirement.

Improved Winter Comfort

In addition to superior summer comfort, the XC80 or XC95m furnace side of the TruComfort system will heat your home more evenly and efficiently in the winter. The XC 80 furnace has two stages of heating capacity and the XC95m has modulating capacity  to precisely match the comfort needs of your home.

On most days the XC 80 and XC 95m furnaces operate at reduced  capacity to provide a more uniform temperature throughout your home. You may have noticed the temperature going up and down like a roller coaster in your home with your old furnace. That discomfort will be eliminated with TruComfort.

On extremely cold days these furnaces automatically shift to full capacity to provide the extra heating capacity required to meet the heat loss of your home.

Better Air Filtration

Due to the number of hours that the variable speed blower motor operates at lower speeds, moving air more slowly through your system’s filter, the efficiency of the filter is increased. The air maintains contact with the filter longer, thus filtering out more airborne particles than occurs with a conventional single speed blower motor.

Happy Clients

I am very impressed with how quietly my new XV 20i system runs. The system speeds up or slows down to provide the exact amount of cooling needed. Great installation by Knight, and a great fit for our family!
Jeff, Lilburn
This is a wonderful system. It exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy I chose to go with Knight for my Trane system!
Gary, Lawrenceville
When researching the options for my home, I debated purchasing a less expensive model, but ultimately chose to install the XV 20i. The unit runs quietly, my home stays comfortable, and the system is very efficient. Overall, I feel the benefits of the system are well worth the price difference.
Sandra, Braselton

Visit Our Showroom For a First-Hand Look at a TruComfort System

A home comfort system is a big investment, possibly the largest investment you will make in your home. Many of our customers benefit in their decision making process by visiting our showroom to see and hear Trane systems and accessories. It is difficult to get a perspective of quality of construction from a brochure, and impossible to know how quiet a system will be without actually hearing it run.

Visit Today to See a Trane System in Action!