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Dry air can cause headaches and sinus problemsLow winter humidity levels outside and furnace operation can combine to drive indoor humidity down to uncomfortable levels. Doctors mention dry air as one of the causes of nose, throat and skin discomfort.

Dry winter air can also damage furniture, musical instruments, flooring and other wood components that make up your home. A quality humidifier connected to your central heating system is the answer to winter dryness problems.

Knight Air Conditioning and Heating Company offers the complete line of Aprilaire and Ultra-Zone humidifiers

Since 1954, millions of homeowners have trusted Aprilaire humidifiers more than any other brand. Aprilaire has a model that’s right for your home. Shown (right) is the Aprilaire Model 600A. It is computer-controlled to maintain precise humidity levels in your home.

How Aprilaire Works

Aprilaire uses nature's own process-- the introduction of humidity through safe, pure water vapor-- to add moisture to your dry air.

Aprilaire uses nature’s own process– the introduction of humidity through safe, pure water vapor– to add moisture to your dry air.

When your home’s humidity falls below the optimum level, Aprilaire goes to work. Water supplied to the distribution tray flows evenly across the patented Water Panel® evaporator. Thirsty, dry air is forced through the Water Panel evaporator and the newly-humidified air is distributed throughout your home.

Whole House Humidifiers

For the most demanding home humidification applications, we recommend the Model S2000 steam humidifier by Field Controls:

  • Steam operation;
  • Provides humidification on demand through solid state controls which turn the furnace blower on when the humidistat calls for humidification. Other humidifiers can only operate properly when the furnace is heating;
  • Automatically drains after twelve hours of run time. Mineral deposits are flushed down the drain. Reservoir stays “dry” over summer to prevent algae growth;
  • Stainless steel reservoir
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