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Bad Duct System = Poor Comfort
Good Duct System = Superior Comfort

If you are having a complete duct system installed, having problems corrected with your existing duct system, or shopping for a new home, you need a basic understanding of the part your duct system plays in your home’s comfort, cost of operation, and reliability of your heating and air conditioning system.

The duct system in your home can be compared to the arteries and veins of the human body. The duct system distributes the conditioned air (the lifeblood of your comfort system) from your furnace or air handler throughout your home to provide comfort. If too much or too little air flows from the vent in a room, the room will either be too hot, or too cold.

The Two Key Factors to Assured Comfort

  • The system designer must know the air flow requirements of each room.
  • The system designer must properly design and size the duct system to deliver the correct flow of conditioned air to each room.

If your system’s air flow is incorrect you will experience discomfort, greater run time, and higher operating costs. Frequently, homeowners perceive that their system is undersized, when in fact a poor duct system is to blame. We regularly measure the air flow of poorly designed systems that deliver 30 to 40% less air flow than required for efficient operation and good comfort.

Unfortunately, over the past years with high demand for heating and cooling systems for new homes, some contractors had systems installed by untrained personnel, lacking the understanding of room by room airflow requirements and proper duct system design. The result has been duct systems with poor performance, shoddy appearance, year round discomfort, high operating costs, and potential to damage to heating and cooling system components. Knight Air Conditioning & Heating employs trained professionals, with sound knowledge of the best practices in duct system installation to ensure your total comfort.

  • good duct system
  • Duct system

Many duct jobs installed in the past ten to fifteen years look like the one pictured below. Excessive amounts of flexible ductwork were installed; this type of ductwork is soft, easily kinked and twisted, and extremely resistant to air flow. This system is unattractive to look at and even worse to live with–poor comfort and high operating costs are inevitable with this type of system. While inexpensive to install, these systems are no bargain over the life of the system.

Poor duct system

Poorly-designed duct system

Our company and our mechanics have always taken pride in properly designing durable duct systems that will deliver the efficiency your furnace and air conditioner are designed to produce, and more importantly, to provide uniform temperatures and comfort throughout your home. We use the best materials in our duct systems and guarantee the entire duct system for ten years from date of installation.

When proper materials are used and correct design practices are followed, the duct system is a bit more expensive, however the additional investment made in a quality duct system will be recovered many times over during the life of your home or office. The superior personal comfort and increased system efficiency are the ultimate dividend of a high quality installation.

If you are having a complete system installed, correcting your existing duct system, or shopping for a new home, you should ask to see one of the HVAC contractor’s installations. You may want to talk with some of his customers about their home’s comfort level and their satisfaction with the contractor’s work.

Take some time. Look past the brand name on the furnace and air conditioner to the portion of your system that will have the greatest bearing on your comfort and enjoyment of your home…the duct system. You’ll be glad you did!