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Please visit our showroom for a demonstration of Trane Comfort Systems and indoor air quality products.  Your new comfort systems is one of the most important investments you will make in your home.

Many of our customers find this visit to be very helpful in their system selection process. Quality, attention to detail and quietness can only be observed from seeing and hearing a piece of equipment in operation. You will find our showroom to be a relaxed environment where you can gather information to help you decide which Trane Comfort System is right for your family and home.

Featured In Our Showroom

Trane XV 80
  • The Trane XV 80 gas furnace with two-stage heating capacity and variable speed indoor blower motor provides improved comfort, quietness, efficiency and air filtration.

Operational Zoning System

You can see a live demonstration of a zoning system to better understand how multiple thermostats can open and close motorized zone dampers to deliver the exact amount of conditioned air to where it is needed in your home for precise temperature control and excellent operating economy.

Operational zoning system in our showroom

Air Conditioning Systems

Trane XV-20i

  • Trane XV 20i ultra high efficiency air conditioner and heat pump with variable speed compressor. Compressor operates from 25% to 100% capacity to deliver the right amount of cooling capacity to your home based on outdoor conditions. On mild days it operates at a very low speed and gradually increases to a higher speed when outdoor temperatures heat up. The result is unmatched temperature and humidity control, quiet operation, superior air filtrations, and low operating costs.
Trane XV20i
Mitsubishi Ductless Systems. Ultra high efficiency mini split heat pump systems.

Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

  • Mitsubishi Ductless Systems. Ultra high efficiency mini split heat pump systems are rated at over 20.00 SEER. Perfect for Bonus Rooms, Florida Rooms, and some Basement Finishes. Most people who hear one of these units run are amazed at how quietly they operate.

Air Cleaners

Trane CleanEffects HEPA Air Cleaner

  • Removes 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air
  • Traps particles as small as .1 micron in size
  • Up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter
  • Delivers clean air, and more of it
  • Performance has been verified by the Harvard School of Public Health
Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner

Aprilaire 5000

Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Media Air Cleaner

  • Aprilaire’s most efficient air cleaner
  • 98% efficient on particles 1 micron and larger
  • Filter media lasts one year
  • Rated #1 by leading consumer publication

Aprilaire 2410

Aprilaire Model 2410 MERV 13 Media Air Cleaner

  • Reaches 90% efficiency on particles 3-10 microns in size
  • Filter media lasts one year
  • Uses no electricity

Trane CleanEffects HEPA air cleaner. 99.98% efficient on particles .30 microns and larger.

Trane CleanEffects HEPA air cleaner

  • 99.98% efficient on particles .30 microns and larger

Also in the Showroom

A wide selection of electronic programmable thermostats including the Trane XL 950 & XL 824 thermostats with wi-fi connectivity for control from your smart phone, tablet, or home computer.